Low Cost Spay and Neuter

 Town East Animal Hospital now offers low cost spays and neuters.

Regular Spay and Neuter surgery sets a higher standard and quality of care for your pet.  Low cost spay and neuters are not to the same elevated standard, but do offer an option for sterilizing your pet in a more cost-efficient manner.

Regular Spay and Neuter Surgery 

Surgical check-in consultation with your pet's nurse - provides you peace of mind when you meet your pet's surgical nurse and she will review your pet's medical plan and answers any questions you may have.

Veterinary pre-surgical physical exam - your pet can't tell you if he feels bad on the day of his surgery. The exam ensures he is not running a fever and is in good physical condition.

Pre-surgical labwork - your pet may look healthy physically, but we need labwork to tell us how your pet's body is functioning internally. It can tell us if there is infection, anemia or any abnormal organ functions that cannot process anesthesia correctly or will require an alteration in the anesthesia protocol used for surgery.

Pre-surgical and post- surgical pain medication- controls pain from the beginning of surgery through complete recovery.

IV catheter and IV fluids - ensures we have access to your pet's vital organs and ensures blood pressure stays high enough to provide sufficient blood supply to vital organs as well as prevent dehydration.

Anesthesia - we use a combination of IV and gas anesthesia.  Some forms of IV anesthesia used can be reversed instantly if needed and allow for lower levels of gas anesthesia to be used.  Sevoflo gas anesthesia, which they use in the human medical field is a short acting inhalant anesthesia that is processed through the body within seconds, making for a faster and safer recovery for your pet.

Surgical monitoring - including respiration rates, pulse oxygen levels, blood pressure, body temperature,  and heart rate. With these monitors, we can ensure vital organs are receiving good blood flow and oxygen, the heart is beating correctly and your pet is not too hot, too cold or feeling pain. 

Post-operative nursing care - our nurses skillfully monitor your pet for any signs of post-operative complications and maintain a clean and comfortable recovery.

Post-surgical telephone consultation by your pet's surgeon - we know you worry about your pet and we want you to have a good experience. Your pet's surgeon will call you after surgery to discuss your pet's surgical procedure, recovery and post-operative instructions.

Post-surgical discharge consultation with your pet's nurse - eliminates confusion because she will explain post-operative care instructions, medications and answer any concerns you may have.

Suture removal procedure - when your pet has healed a nurse will remove the sutures and a doctor will ensure it has healed properly.   




Low Cost Spay and Neuter Surgery

Surgical check-in with our client service representative- she will assist you with filling out your pet's authorization form.

Veterinary pre-surgical physical assessment – temperature is taken and your pet will be evaluated to ensure outwardly she/he appears to be in good physical condition.

Pre-surgical labwork for $85 - It can tell us if there is infection, anemia or any abnormal organ functions that cannot process anesthesia correctly.

Pre-surgical pain injection - controls pain through the surgery.

Post-surgical Pain Medication is optional for $25-$50 depending on your pet’s weight.

Anesthesia - a combination of IV anesthesia and Sevoflo gas anesthesia

Post-surgical discharge with a client service representative – she will discuss your pet’s discharge instructions answer questions you may have.

Suture removal procedure – your pet’s sutures will be removed with one of our team members.   


Our Low Cost pricing is as follows:
*Pricing below does not include optional items i.e.: canine heartworm test, feline aids/leukemia test, microchipping, medications.
These will be discussed at check in.

Canine OHE or Neuter:

0-15lbs - $85.00
16-30lbs - $100.00
31-50lbs - $120.00
over 51lbs - $145.00

Feline OHE or Neuter: $70.00

If your pet is cryptorchid, in heat, or pregnant it will be an additional $45.00

*All surgeries now will include Pre-anesthestic bloodwork for an addtional $85.00